The using of the internet is useful for us, but it’s also very ricks. While learners want to try they are generally known about the internet.

        Their technology mistake makes us when using the internet. That’s why I want to tell you some mistakes in using the internet. Generally, we all make these types of mistakes.

      Some mistakes you should never know while using the internet on your computer & Smartphone. If using a Smartphone, playing a game, some of online on the Website, making payments online, then you should not avoid the common mistake of all information. Some of using of the internet.

What are the mistakes using of the internet?

On Using Google’s:

 when you’re searching online any website’s you should generally know about the URL of HTTP: & HTTP:       When you make payment and transactions in any other website for some manual & commons works like recharge, ordering some books, & so many online activities. Then make payment HTTPS website: (hypertext track protocol security) When making payment HTTP: web URL then this site is not secure these types of websites can also be hacked, and you never know that they have been hackers. But the HTTPS: web URL was secure ones can’t easily hack this type of Website.

In Facebook:

  On using Facebook’s some types of mistakes generally, more people make this mistake. These mistakes are trying or seeing some of the editing photos, seeing future life & partner, making a video on Facebook. When you click this typed of came on Facebook’s they authority you, whenever accept this web or app developers can easily hack & stall all of our private information. So be careful, never do anything this type of mistake.

18+ contain (adult contain):

 In Indian, some states have blocked this type of container. When you are want to see adult content, adult movies, necked images, xxx, on the Website, you never search in general Google or the new incognito window. When you use a new incognito, the window IP address issues hidden from your Computer & Smartphone. Will you want to go to this type of Website’s need to use a VPN

The Passwords:

Generally, many people make these types of mistakes. In today’s world, people are using many social networks and the same password. If you keep the same user ID & the same password on all use in internet-based social media then hackers can crake all your social databases. If one account is a hack, So be alert never one this mistake. Two Factor Authorities: When you want to use the same app in dual on your Smartphone’s these activities are risky. On you want to keep safety’s your account or database never allows or accepts the two-factor authority. 

Free Wi-Fi:

Generally, people want to use or try getting free Wi-Fi internet but never had used this type of mistake. When you connect these types of Wi-Fi Hotspot shield the owner of a Wi-Fi or hacker easily hack all your data, some bank IDs, private data, and many & easily collect all data. You never know how to steal all data and never get back.

Online Dating:

 Bachelors want to try serpent time for making fun in online dating. If you are want to try it, then use it but never blindly believe these types of online dating apps. They are loot from you for treating, acting some of the reasons. So do the work carefully which work is never lost and spoil life. 

Social Net Working:

In social networks never share publically some of the unsocial activities. This type of sharing is a crime in the cyber link. And never share your daily activities work photos or images etc.


 Nobody ever knows how some of the people are tracking you. Generally, girls share all their activities whereas going, what are doing. Never makes these types of mistakes.

The benefit of Using the Internet:

      Internet is helpful to us. In today’s generation internet is mostly common government also makes digitalis all transactions, the reading capacity, etc. It provides us knowledge about the world is running in which direction, world GDP growth and down, country news, state news, job news, Sarkari Naukri news, all the information get easily with the internet.

      All you want bed or good can learn by the internet. Now a day students also can learn books by reading, some of the national library articles by use of the internet


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