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Guys, are you doing search “Telegram channels” to join and subscribe and to receive desirable stuffs in the internet? Then here I am going to give various active and popular telegram channel lists that include study, fun and enjoyment, movies and films, web series, news, adult and many extra channels.

What is Telegram?

Before going ahead first let us learn about what telegram is. Telegram is a social media application which gives the facilities of chatting of one to one user, one to many users as a group. Apart from this, it gives the channel for users where channel admin can share the useful messages to the subscribed users. We will learn this channel more deeply in the next part.

Telegram was launched in August, 2013. On Google Play Store, it is reported that 500 million plus users have downloaded the app and it has 5 million plus reviews. By official it is reported that 400 million plus active users are there. So, imagine how much popular Telegram is.

What is Telegram Channel?

Telegram Channel is a kind of feature of  Telegram application that allows subscribed users to receive messages whatever the owner or the admin sends to that channel.

You have probably observed that just like youtube does have channels for the users and which allows other users to subscribe so that they can get the new videos via notifications or directly on homepage or whatsoever. The number of subscribed users which we call subscribers that determines the popularity of a channel.

In this way Telegram also allows channel for users for those who wish to create this. And, sharing the cool stuffs on channel which brings satisfaction for the users makes the channel popular just like youtube does.

Best Telegram Channels

Whatever the Telegram channel link listing out here are the very popular and active channels and these have huge number of subscribers. So, in one word we can say that best telegram channels ever.

Telegram Channels List

By clicking the given link of telegram channels you can view and subscribe the channel. Now it is time to view and join the active telegram channels list one by one as per our searches.

telegram channels link

Education Telegram Channel Link

List of education telegram channel link:

News Telegram Channel Link

List of news news telegram channel link:

Gaming Telegram Channel Link 

List of gaming telegram channel link:

Sports Telegram Channel Link

List of sports telegram channel link:

Movie Telegram Channel Link

List of movie telegram channel link:

Fun Telegram Channel Link

List of fun telegram channel link:

Indian Telegram Channel Link

List of Indian telegram channel link:

UK Telegram Channel Link

List of United Kingdom telegram channel link:

USA Telegram Channel Link

List of USA(United States Of America) telegram group link:

18+ Telegram Channel Link

List of 18+ adult telegram channel link:

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How to make telegram channel?

Open the Telegram Application. Tab on three lines of the left top site. Tab on New Channel. Type the Channel name and Description(Which is optional). Tab on Thick Mark.

How to generate telegram channel link?

Open the Channel Chat where you read and write messages. Tab on Channel Name of the top. Tab on Pen Mark of the top right where channel info opens. Now tab on Channel Type. There you can see Invite Link of Private Channel and then Copy Link. You can also create the public channel link using the Public Channel tab.

How to delete telegram channel?

Only the channel owner has the ability of deleting the telegram channel. Open the Channel Chat where you read and write messages. Tab on Channel Name of the top. Tab on Pen Mark of the top right where channel info opens. Now tab on Delete Channel in below and DELETE CHANNEL.


I assume that you have satisfied by the telegram channels given onthis article . I am updating lots more popular telegram channels in later times. So, stay tune and smile more.

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