Nutrients And Their Functions: To 10 Best Nutrients


 What is Nutrient?

Nutrients are the components of food that are required for the maintenance and growth of the organism’s body. Nutrition food is essential for health.

In order to make health as healthy, we need important nutrients in our every diet. There are mainly six important nutrients of food viz:

  1. Carbohydrate
  2. Protein
  3. Fat
  4. Vitamin
  5. Mineral
  6. Water

Function of Nutrients

These nutrients act as a primary role in body functions like Carbohydrate gives energy to the body. Protein helps in growing body parts like muscle, hair, nails, etc. Fat helps in producing energy and growing body parts, Vitamin protects health from some diseases. The mineral helps in protecting the body from many diseases just like vitamins as well as required for some body functions. One of the important components is Water which helps in the digestion of foods.

What You Can Do

It is said that health is wealth, taking nutrients foods every day with a limited amount keepsn the body parts healthy. So, doing this kind of activity is a good habit for you.nutr

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